🌱 Seed Haul 🌱

Remember I went to visit my parents back in October? Well, I brought lots of seeds back with me!
Here is the list:

Allysum Oriental night
Alyssum Versille
Aster alpinus
Aster Clowness
Aster Flamingo
Aster countess
Aster Indian summer
Aster Lizavetta
Aster Medea
Aster Quartz Tower
Aster Violetter
Bachelor’s Button Blue Ball
Brachyscome iberidifola
Browalia Loyalty
calendula Cream white
Cobaea Kalando
Cosmos Double Click
Delphinium Black Night
Delphinium Galahad
Delphinium Giant Mix
Gypsophilla Akulina
Gypsophilla White Cloud
Hollyhock Honey
Hollyhock Margarite
Iberis gibraltica Alexadrite
Lavatera Red Beauty
Lavetera Annette
Lavatera Pink Beauty
Linum perenne blue Lagoon
Linum perenne Piligrim
Lisianthus for Home
Lisianthus Suite Blue large flowers
Lisianthus Suite Pink large flowers
Marigold Kilimanjaro
Petunia Double Cascade Orchid Mist
Petunia White avalanche
Phacelia thambelina
Sweet peas Azur
Sweet peas Blue Bird
Marigold albatross
Tagetes tenuifolia
Viola cornuta Baby
Viola Jolie
Viola Victoria Falls
Zinnia Ispolin White
Zinnia tudor
Rudbeckia Golden Ray

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