Easy DIY Fish Portals for Guppy Pond

In this week’s video, I address a lot of things that I’ve needed to address for a while. I’ve had big plans for both the 75 gallon and 150 gallon tanks cube for months, but I had to marinate on my ideas. Both visions have changed a lot over that time, so I’m glad that I’ve waited this long.

Although I love having duckweed in some of my tanks, it’s become a nuisance while feeding. To help out with this, I decided to make a few fish portals. They were super easy to make and look pretty cool. I’d highly recommend making some if you incorporate floating plants.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 New Scape Plans
01:11 Cleaning Samson’s Tank
03:05 Scaping 75 Gallon Tank
04:02 Feeding Samson
04:50 DIY Fish Portals
07:55 Other Aquascapes
08:52 150 Gallon Cube Plans
09:44 Final Thoughts

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