How to get started with an aquarium? What exactly do you need to buy? And which things are optional? So in this Aquascaping beginners guide we will go over everything you need to start a planted tank!

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How to SETUP your CO2!
Simple fertilizer dosing!

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Perfect size rimless tank for beginners:
My favorite budget led light:
Very cheap HOB filter:
Super simple internal filter:
The best external filter:
Good quality aquasoil:
Great All-in-one fertilizer:
Smart plugs:
My favorite ALGAE scraper:
Easy water changes:

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0:00 – How not to introduce someone to the hobby
0:44 – Intro
1:07 – 1. You need a tank, but which one?
2:58 – 2. You need a light! (my suggestions)
4:48 – 3. Internal, External or HOB?
6:32 – 4. Best substrate for plants?
7:57 – 5. Hardscape side effects!
9:40 – 6. How to find the right plants?
11:59 – 7. Don’t ignore the nitrogen cycle!
13:26 – 8. Why I prefer substrate fertilizers!
14:48 – 9. These things need a timer!
15:36 – 10. Tools for easy maintenance!
16:31 – Announcement
16:53 – 5 things that are optional

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