Jungle Aquarium Plant Ball Terrarium (DIY Wabi-Kusa Tutorial)

In this one, I combine the terrarium and aquarium hobby in a way that I haven’t shown before through wabi-kusa. Wabi-Kusa is a type of nature design that was developed by the late Takashi Amano. The term “wabi-kusa” is derived from the Japanese term “wabi-sabi”, which is a philosophy centered around the ephemeral, imperfect beauty of life.

I felt that this would be a really cool and fun project to showcase on the channel and I’m glad that I did. I think it’s a really great starting point to step into nature design. It’s also a fun option for someone who’s already keeping aquarium plants and wants to try something new.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 What is Wabi-Kusa?
01:01 Understanding Riparian Plant Growth
01:52 Making the Substrate Ball
05:47 Selecting the Plants
07:30 Planting the Wabi-Kusa
09:28 Other Uses
10:13 Selecting a Container
11:42 Hardscape
12:04 Completed Build
12:43 Conclusion

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