Landscaping Mistakes that Lead to More Maintenance ~ Low Maintenance Landscape Design Tips

Learn some common landscaping mistakes that lead to more maintenance, and how to avoid them.
Are you starting a landscaping project? Did you know that through proper landscape design, you can reduce the amount of maintenance your yard or garden will require? You can even design your yard around the types of maintenance activities you enjoy. In this video, I share 8 types of mistakes that can be lead to more maintenance, and how they can be corrected with thoughtful design and planning.
I hope this video helps you to be more successful when starting a DIY landscaping project!

Hello! My name is Eve Hanlin, I’m a horticulturist from the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. I’ve offered in-person landscape design services for years and now I am taking landscape design online by offering digital courses and resources for DIY-ers.

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