Micro Crab Riparium Root Bowl (No Filter Low Tech)

In this week’s video, I show you how I made a no filter low tech bowl for a group of Thai Micro Crabs. My goal was to keep it really simple with easy techniques and minimal materials. I think the result is a pretty neat little setup that showcases these incredible little critters. What do you think?

Going the low-tech route is pretty easy if you design things with that in mind. Utilizing riparian plant growth (above the water) is a great solution. As I’ve explained, these plants are extremely effective at filtering the water. They act like a sponge and pull all sorts of harmful compounds from the system. This helps make conditions more favorable.

Another benefit to using such plants is the number of roots that will grow in the water column. This can serve as a refuge for fish fry or in this instance, a climbing and grazing area for Thai Micro Crabs. They’ll happily climb all over the roots. In fact, this is the type of environment they prefer. So not only will the plants filter the orb, but they’ll also create a great habitat for the crabs.

Thai Micro Crabs (Limnopilos naiyanetri) are a true aquatic nano species. They stay extremely small and unlike many other “aquatic crabs” these will not leave the water. They scavenge or filter for food as they climb on the roots and other surfaces. Because they are so small, care should be taken when moving them into an aquarium.

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Repairing the Container
2:13 Building the Hardscape
3:19 Mixing Substrate
4:24 Lighting
4:41 Planting the Build
6:40 Adding Water
6:58 Botanical Prep
7:35 Finished Design
8:04 Adding the Crabs

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