Propagating Hedges from Cuttings for profit || Viburnum Production Cycle

Propagating hedges from cuttings is commonly done in plant nurseries to ensure there is always stock of best-selling varieties. In this video, we take you through all the steps of the viburnum (Viburnum sinensis, aka sweet viburnum) production cycle. Viburnum is a luxurious hedging species that you can grow in your nursery to rely on steady, year round sales with the potential for a good profit.

We are going to show you how viburnum is grown in a commercial nursery, starting with stem cuttings and finishing with large, 40l plants with a hefty price tag. If you like what you see and hear in this video, you can find the link to the eBook in the description below.

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00:00 Introduction
00:27 Propagation & Mother stock selection
03:02 Root development & Transplanting
05:05 Transplanting to larger pots & Topiary

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