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Designtone Interior Practice

Welcome to DESIGN SEED! Todays episode is particularly intoxicating as we are about to reveal a mad scientist designer Joe Chan from Design tone that took interior designing to a whole new level by breaking the boundaries of the norm to the design world.

Hair Porter is an emerging hair dressing saloon chain that wanted a statement that defines their practice and art of hairdressing. The brief called for an insta-worthy space, yet with functionality as a saloon at the fore.

This episode is a collaboration with Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers also known as MIID. 

Led by influential interior designers all over Malaysia, the vision of the institute is to develop a sophisticated society of designers who are conversant and appreciative of the interior design scene.

If you are an interior designer practicing in Malaysia and have not enrolled yourself as a member yet, click on the description link below to find out more about being part of this aspiring community.

We hope you will enjoy this episode!

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In Collaboration with:
Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)

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