Treetime! What trees and bushes are going to be part of the treetime food forest?

Today our treetime delivery came in! We have some cool new varieties of trees that we’ve never tried before, and I’m so excited! is a cold hardy nursery located in Alberta Canada, and I’ve used them many times before. When I need cold hardy plants, there’s no better place to look than Alberta. This isn’t only a nursery that works with cold hardy trees (fruit, nut, landscaping, shrubs, etc), but these guys also “get it” in terms of permaculture. I’ve had many conversations with folks over there, including Holly, who was absolutely fantastic (seriously, if anyone from treetime is reading this, Holly deserves a raise!). These guys were absolutely thrilled to be able to donate some trees to my food forest, and they love what we’re doing over here.

And before you ask, YES they DO ship to the USA!

So if you want some cold hardy trees, I can personally vouch that every single tree time tree I’ve ordered has survived my winters. The only times I’ve lost any at all were due to rabbits, but thems the chances you take when you buy 1-2 year old whips. On the other hand, you saw that serviceberry in the beginning of this video. When I planted the peaches they were 3 feet tall, and this serviceberry was 3 inches tall. And now it towers over them.

Buying younger trees does require a time investment, but don’t forget about them. Although you’ll get fruit sooner with a larger tree, it will be much more expensive and in the long-run, the longer a tree lives in it’s forever home, the stronger it will be. After about 5-6 years, you will find that those little 4 inch whips you bought are now larger than the 4 foot trees you bought.

So check out treetime if you want some cold hardy trees, and possibly some varieties you don’t yet have:

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This video wasn’t sponsored by treetime, however they did donate trees. However, my review of them is not whatsoever biased by this, as I’ve ordered from them many times before and will do so many times again.

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