Two Announcements – Collaboration with a wildlife biologist, and a sponsorship

Go check out Kristina Lynn at:

For those of you who want a new book to read, she has a great playlist on that:

Specifically this one is fantastic:

Or try her playlist for wildlife biology careers:

She also has gardening videos, specifically patio gardening for those of you who are in small spaces and want some good container gardening videos, and also re-wilding and wild-gardening videos using native plants at her new place.

Regarding the sponsorship and climate change video, I have more info about the sponsorship is coming on Jan 10th. I KNOW this is something that many of you will enjoy. A way to support my channel and also help the environment.

The climate change video I hope will be something that everyone learns from. Hopefully if you personally find yourself on one “side” of the spectrum of carbon is the devil vs carbon is a scam, I can help explain the science behind some of this stuff. And for anyone who thinks I’m going to “pick a side”, you haven’t been watching this channel. The truth is often in the middle. More on that in my upcoming and very detailed climate change video focusing on carbon.

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Moving to the country to start a new life. Young Family trades sodgrass for a horse farm over at Barn Boots and Country Roots:

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