Who is Weedy? An introduction to David Trood the photographer.

Introducing the Weedy man behind the camera. Also known as David Trood. This is how I see the world and it’s people. It will demonstrate the connection between US and Nature.


Please know. I don´t consider myself a garden guru. Not yet anyway ha ha. I am however, happy to go with the title “camera guru”.

If it touches you, please share it.

Love and photon particles

Weedy AKA David Trood
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To those who are new to my channel:

I’m David Trood. A Hasselblad Master Photographer and film maker. Up until the first Covid Lockdown in March 2020 I was travelling around the world making my living photographing people and nature for Getty Images and a bunch of different clients. http://www.davidtrood.com

Like most people on the planet at that time, I was stuck at home. I used the opportunity to combine my photography skills and my lifelong dream of having a garden where I could grow and eat my own wonderful, colorful, natural, clean organic food.

I started The Weedy Garden episode 1 a few months after. The plants have grown. The channel has grown and I welcome YOU to join the journey.

Weedy aka David Trood 😉

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