13 Best Backyard Ideas (Part 2)

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Idea #8) Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting is very important to any Outdoor Living Space. From Safety to a nighttime shift in the way the landscape looks…we have a lot of helpful ideas on Low Voltage lighting and how to incorporate them into your Landscape.
Idea #9) Outdoor Heather Ideas
Extend your Outdoor Living into the cooler months by adding heaters to the space. We provide ideas on how to make outdoor heaters look as good as they feel.
idea #10) Yard game ideas
From Basketball to a Backyard mini gold area set up we give you ideas on how to turn your Barbeque into a fun time for all ages.
Idea #11) Water features
Sit back and relax with your outdoor water feature. We show many styles of water features for every type of backyard space.
Idea #12) Privacy Screen
Most of us live in neighborhoods with our neighbors window looking right into our space. We provide some solutions with privacy screens and hedges.
Idea #13) This was a bonus ideas with a Solid Pathway. Some people skip this step but we will give you ideas on how to move from one space to the next.
Idea #14 this one is a secret and you will need to watch the video to find out my favorite backyard idea.

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