1700 GALLON PLYWOOD AQUARIUM 😱 How My Dad Built His Dream Tank

My dad just finished building his dream aquarium! A massive 1700 gallon cichlid tank made from plywood! Growing up as a kid we always had big tanks at home, but this one is absolutely massive!

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00:00 Introduction
00:37 Largest tank he ever built?
01:13 Aquarium made from wood?
02:02 What kind of fish is he keeping?
03:32 What’s so special about these fish?
05:07 The tank started leaking!
06:40 Conventional aquarium heater?
07:17 Massive filter!
07:52 Lights used?
08:33 No water changes?
09:40 Building a house around the tank?
10:36 DIY background!
11:49 Future plans?
13:23 But did he go for a swim?

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