3 Budget-Friendly Furniture Upcycling Projects | Showroom Steals Episode 9

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Transform older home décor items by trying this new twist on upcycling — upfurnishing. In this episode of Showroom Steals, Brian shows us three projects from Emily Rayna Designs, Wayna World, and The Weekender, that use simple techniques and supplies to makeover unused furniture and accessories. Faster than ordering custom furniture, you’ll be inspired to look around your home to see what else you can reimagine.

Products featured in this episode:

Emily’s Bread Box Dupe –
Satin Nickel Bar Knobs – https://low.es/3T3fD91
Short Hardware Screws – https://low.es/3UPTxsa
Center Fasten Screws & Nuts – https://low.es/3BWxtTV
Wall Anchors – https://low.es/3RGbXsJ
Drill – https://low.es/3RreN4B
Drill Bits – https://low.es/3BVv1gt
Wood Filler – https://low.es/3LVcmWC

Wayna’s Nightstand –
Primed Cove Moulding – https://low.es/3E76Des
Classic End Table Leg – https://low.es/3E4sMu7
Metal Table Leg Straight Top Plate – https://low.es/3y5ip5o
Oak Sanded Plywood – https://low.es/3E23Jb4
Maple Sanded Plywood – https://low.es/3SNcSbK
Cabinet & Furniture Paint Enamel – https://low.es/3RqHuhW
Clear Gloss Polyurethane – https://low.es/3e2h8Fj
Brushed Brass Cylindrical Bar Drawer Pulls – https://low.es/3dVyRyd
Gold Metallic Spray Paint and Primer – https://low.es/3E6QmGs
Gloss Gold Mettalic Spray Paint – https://low.es/3E7fPjh

The Weekender Dresser –
Peel and Stick Wallpaper – https://low.es/3LTTOpT

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – What is Upfurnishing?
01:26 – Emily’s Project
04:20 – Wayna’s Project
07:00 – The Weekender Dresser Project

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