9 Garden Mistakes We Won’t Repeat Next Year

Join the EG Crew as we share some of our learnings from the 2022 growing season, including our newest gardener on the team, Briana from Blossom and Branch Farm!


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00:00 – Intro
00:11 – Buying Compost Or Soil In Bulk
00:52 – Letting Plants Grow For Too Long
01:48 – Dedicating Too Much Space
03:03 – Planting Dahlias Too Closely
03:54 – Starting Just Enough Seedlings
04:57 – Black Friday Sale
06:04 – Applying Too Much Compost
07:34 – Being Behind On Cover Cropping
08:47 – Oat Cover Crop In Prairie
09:45 – Worrying Too Much


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