A DIY Accent Wall Project to Add a Curve to Your Space | Showroom Steals Season 2, Episode 2

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Arches have been around for thousands of years, and have been used in architecture all over the world. On this episode, Caroline will walk you through a brief background on arches, and how you can incorporate them in your home with a DIY friendly project anyone can do. Not only are arches interesting to look at, but they are also relaxing and visually soothing.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – History on Arches
01:20 – 3 Main Types of Arches
02:05 – Using Furniture to Create the Trend
02:26 – How to Make Your Own Arch
03:12 – Painting the Arch
03:50 – Removing the Tape
04:00 – Completed Arch
04:16 – How to Highlight Existing Arches in Your Home
04:39 – Conclusion

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Outopee Linen Accent Chair – https://low.es/3GBwmve
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Cozy Tyme Blue Throw – https://low.es/3CGnYJS
Bashian Green Rug – https://low.es/3CGo04s
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Origin 21 Fluted Planter – https://low.es/3GqmBjy
Crestlive Products Leather Accent Chair – https://low.es/3QM6dPj
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