A small wildlife garden – how it works and is it easy?

Wild gardens or wildlife gardens are a hot topic of debate in the gardening world. How wild can you get? Is it more work or less work than a traditional garden? And is it easy to create a wildlife garden in a small space? Here Anne Vincent transforms a blank rectangle of garden into a wildlife haven – without buying many plants!
This garden is one of 30 gardens open for Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day tomorrow (26th June 10am-5pm) in Faversham, Kent. Tickets are £6 for £10 for 2, available from the Market Place, Faversham ME14 7AF
00:00 Welcome
00:57 Why Anne decided on a wildlife garden
01:21 Start a wildlife garden by creating pond – water is essential to wildlife
01:48 Fill the pond with rainwater by connecting the guttering and downpipe from the roof to the pond
02:15 You can create an overflow ‘bog garden area’ for rainy times
02:58 Next steps after digging the pond
03:46 Why decking is good for a wild or wildlife garden
04:26 Natural screens create insect habitats
05:34 Try to retain mature trees as they are a major part of the eco-system. Prune, shape or trim them instead of cutting them down.
06:11 Use hedges and climbers to create wildlife friendly boundaries
06:40 Native plants are usually better for wildlife than imported varieties
07:02 Think about creating different habitats – this is shady with bark and ferns
07:36 A sand garden – yet another habitat for different native plants and wildlife
07:34 Use a grid with pebbles instead of concrete as a shed base or path
08:20 Introducing plants to a wild garden
08:48 How much gardening does a wildlife garden need?
10:03 Introducing plants to the bog garden

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