Aquascape Ecosystem Pond – A deep dive exploring detailed design aspects.

So many people email me directly asking for more pond videos, so here you go. I will also address the single most common question I get asked… how much did it cost?

This pond was a lifetime work in progress, thinking of different aspects I wanted, design features, etc, then spending 20 years saving up for it.

Today I will go over all the various design features in this pond, many of which cannot be seen at a surface level.

I started my journey looking at “natural swim pools” from the 1954 Austrian designer Gottfried Kern. I then started leaning towards EU style natural swim pools.

However starting about 5 years ago, I got really excited looking at more directly integrated ecosystem ponds as designed by Ed Beaulieu who has a BS in Zoology with an emphasis in Limnology, and a masters in Marine Biology, specifically fresh water systems.

When I started seeing these integrated designs, I fell in love with the idea, because to me it was as tightly integrated with nature as possible, but while also bypassing many risks of an actual hole-in-the-ground pond (which arguably is the closest connection to nature, but comes with potentially life threatening risks. I talk about these in today’s video.

So for anyone who wanted “more cowbell”, here you go!!

Thanks for watching, and happy gardening everyone!

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