Back to Eden garden – How do I amend my soil?

Are you doing a deep woodchip mulch like Back to Eden no till method, and then wonder…how can I amend my soil?

you may have watched my video on common ways people mess up back to Eden method. in that video I talk about soil ecological transition. woody plants want fungal dominated soil, and leafy plants want bacterial dominated soil. Trees want woodchips and tomatoes want compost and manure. So why do I use a wood chip mulch for my tomatoes? Don’t I need to add compost and manure each year? How do I do that when I have a deep woodchip mulch and still keep the woodchips on top so they don’t nitrogen deplete my soil – like all those people who messed up their back to Eden beds?

Well, there are 3 ways to amend compost and manure into a woodchip mulched annual bed, and I go through the pros and cons of each one, and tell you which method I use!

Fear not, you can still amend your soils in the no till methodology. Let’s go!


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