Backyard Privacy Screens (Quick Tip)

Backyard Privacy Screens -Quick Tip

Fireplaces as privacy screens!!!

When you have a fireplace or are thinking about a fireplace in your outdoor space and you have a neighbor that is close – consider using the fireplace as a natural privacy screen. It can be positioned in the space as is shown here in the Hueffner Property. This structure and fireplace did that in an angle because of all the windows that looked out into the backyard – and – right into the neighbor’s house. You can see the fireplace does an excellent job of screening becoming a natural wall that pulls your eyes to the living room and not the neighbor’s backyard.

The screening effect with a fireplace can be accomplished with a custom screen on top of the fireplace or in different designs, on the sides of the fireplace. Of course, the mainstreaming is accomplished with the fireplace itself with extra screening to provide additional privacy on the back side of the fireplace. Gilbert

Brick, custom wood, stone, many varieties of elements are used. Notice this fireplace wall with stone and brick accents as a wall that extends the length of the outdoor kitchen. Newcombe

A fireplace screening is truly one of our favorite screening affects – in a small space, or in a large space. If you have any need for screening from a Neighbor Next Door – a fireplace could be a perfect choice.

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