BIGGEST!? Platycerium (Staghorn) Wonderland & Wall Tour + 10 Platycerium Care Tips @Kawanrusa

Possibly the largest Platycerium (Staghorn Fern) Wall in Malaysia! Curated by Master Lone, see his amazing collection of more than 50 platyceriums and care tips, including lighting needs, watering – (how often, and how to actually water them!), temperature, humidity and more. And how to care for the platycerium indoor vs outdoor.

See species in their mature form (platycerium Ridelyi, P. Wandae, P. Coronarium, p. grande) and many more interesting hybrids including many Diversifolium x Willinckii hybrids, like the P. Pegasus, P. White Hawk, P. Paul Vespa and the pride from Malaysia that has taken the platycerium world by storm – the Platycerium Foong SiQi and the Platycerium SS Foong. And for those who love trichomes, the P. Omo ‘White Lover’ in its full dusty glory is shown.

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