Blackwater Riparium for Blue Tetras in the IKEA Aquarium

A few weeks ago, I made tanks that will be part of the new animal room. All four of them will encapsulate various type of environments, such as this blackwater riparium. I want to consolidate a few of my tanks to make the move easier and many of those fish will do very well in a community aquarium, like this. Plus, they all prefer a blackwater system, so it only made sense to start with this one.

I figured while I was at it, I might as well turn it into a riparium (an aquarium that includes terrestrial/marginal plants above the water). I’m always looking to make things easier and lower maintenance and putting plants above the rim always helps with this. They filter the water very effectively, which can greatly spread out the need for water changes and other maintenance.

Anyway, I’ll show more about this in a future video and I can’t wait to share what’s next. Stay tuned for that and enjoy the video!

Make a DIY IKEA Aquarium

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00:00 Intro to Blackwater Setups
00:18 Addressing the Botanicals
02:50 The DIY IKEA Aquarium
03:15 Creating a Cork Bark Background
04:11 Accounting for Filtration
04:50 Adding the Substrates
05:36 Creating the Riparium Area
07:06 Adding the Botanicals
07:40 The Finishing Details
08:16 The Final Design
09:16 Adding the Blue Tetras

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