Brett & Nici from Limestone Permaculture on Drought, Bushfires, & Answering your Q’s – HF Podcast #5

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In Episode 5 of the Happen Films podcast we speak to Brett and Nici from Limestone Permaculture Farm. We’ve made two short films about Limestone, we shot the first one in 2015 ( and the second in 2019 ( There’s a heap of learning, growth and wisdom shared across the two episodes, but a short film is just never enough, even two of them!

We wanted to do a follow-up interview with Brett and Nici because during that second shoot there were massive bush fires on the horizon and the farm was in the middle of a long-time drought. How have they come through it all and what’s keeping them going? We’ve also included some questions asked here on YouTube and over on Instagram. Thanks for asking, folks!

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