Camping at Algonquin Provincial Park- Part 1: Mew Lake Campground Tour (detailed).

The deeper into permaculture I get the more my life changes. One complication with living a sustainable life is: vacationing.

We are trying to vacation locally, and enjoy our beautiful country. So many Canadians have no idea how beautiful Canada is. We truly live in one of the most amazing countries on the planet.

I have hiked in Algonquin for my whole life. I normally hike in the interior, but as a compromise for our vacation, we are going RV camping! Come along with us as we hit all the best trails along the Hwy 60 corridor.

So how nice is Ontario? This upcoming mini hiking and camping series will put Ontario’s most beautiful Provincial Park on full display. Let’s start off Part 1 with a detailed tour of the Mew Lake campground. Part 2 will then take place on the trail, as we explore the majestic Algonquin Provincial Park.


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