Colors & Shapes of 2022 | A Cozy Palette | Multisensory Design | Little Precious | Interior Design

Designed by:
Ar. Cheong Kah Yin, Katrine of Hoe & Yin Design Studio

Welcome to DESIGN SEED! Visual, smell, hearing, taste and touch… the 5 senses that enables a human body to understand, recognize, value, feel or react to something.

You must be thinking how these senses are related to interior design by now? Today’s episode on Design Seed we will be featuring Malaysia’s first and only 6-star confinement centre called the Little Precious.

30 years ago, confinement centre was merely a necessity, and 10 years ago, some look like hospitals and today, pioneers alike to the Little precious, a realization of necessity amalgamating with lifestyle has surfaced.

This episode is a collaboration with Malaysian institute of Interior Designers also known as MIID.

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In Collaboration with:
Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)




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