Community Food Forests from around the world

1:39 Geoff Lawton, what is a Food Forest (FF)?
3:14 St. Petersburg EcoVillage FF
4:16 Sherrett FF
5:46 Lakeside FF
7:23 Martin Crawford FF
10:35 Chris Blick
14:28 Rodale Institute
16:32 Chris Blick (cont.)
20:58 Brown’s Mill FF
22:48 Picasso FF
24:24 Beacon Hill FF

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Phone: (905)-

I hope you all enjoy this video, I poured my heart into this one, as it’s something I’m super passionate about.

This video talks about 7 amazing community food forest projects around the world. These are just a handful, there are countless others.

I really wanted to do this video because Permaculture to me is about more than woodchips and fruit trees. It’s about reversing the path of isolation and destruction that humanity is on. Community-wide open to the public food forests not only help restore nature, not only provide food security and abundance to those who need it the most, it also bonds and ties communities together. Strong communities are possibly the biggest losses that we’ve seen over the past 100 years. We can do a lot of good by returning to community-wide living and collaboration with the people living around us.

These large scale projects need 2 major things: money and land. Although permaculture systems are regenerative and aren’t liabilities but rather assets that CREATE value (literally out of thin air), they DO require investment capital to get started. Getting access to public funding is the most effective way to get these large scale projects in place. And with the state of the world right now, there is an appetite to fund these projects – so lets get busy capturing some of that revenue stream and turning it into food forests.

If you have the time and ability to influence change in your neighbourhood, please consider getting active in politics. This channel is all about creating a legacy, and there’s no greater legacy that you can leave than one that permanently improves your entire local community, and provides food to those who need it (both the humans and the natural world).

Peace and love all,

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Free Use Copyright and creative commons licences claimed. Sections of the above videos were edited for flow in this project. To the best of my ability I kept the message of each video untouched in order to honor and respect the content creators. Music was removed and replaced for copyright reasons. Clips were not taken out of context, or done to defame or discredit anyone involved in these videos. In fact, I want to PROMOTE these videos and projects. I hope you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching.


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