Create Resilience & Abundance w/ Urban Permaculture | Carmen Lamoureux | Hope, Knowledge, Plan 2021

Owner and founder of Calgary’s Urban Farm School and the Urban Permaculture Project, Carmen is dedicated to helping emerging gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts gain the freedom, confidence and skills they need to live more abundant and resilient lives.

Having grown food organically for almost 5 decades, Carmen gets excited about helping others cultivate great food, and in turn, great selves, as she believes this is “key to bringing each of us up to a level of responsible maturity and wisdom necessary for creating a more beautiful and connected world”.

To learn from Carmen, along with a team of recognized Permaculture Professionals from across North America, join us in our upcoming online PDC!

To recognize the time you are taking to learn more about the benefits of Permaculture, we want to give you a special offer. Follow the URL below and use the code PDCFALL2021 to get $100 off a PDC package of your choice.

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