Custom Inground Hot Tubs

Custom Inground Hot Tubs

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In-ground hot tubs, usually called spas are super cool.  They’re backyard-all-weather-mini-pools that can be used all year long in any climate. (Soakers like that!) Concrete built-in spas can stand-alone or complement a swimming pool. Because ‘you’ choose the design features, an inground spa can enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space – and ‘you do it your way.’

Inground hot tubs are one of our favorite features in Landscape Design. So to show off some of our past projects, this video highlights custom inground hot tubs you might love for your backyard space.

In-ground hot tubs can be designed in different sizes and shapes as part of a Custom Hot Tub Design for your Outdoor Living Space. And best yet, they can be custom-built to a homeowner’s liking. What’s your favorite? A Spa-Fire combo? Spa-Patio? Mini-pool for the kids growing up? Love soaking your stress away? Our designers will collaborate with you to make each of your favorite why’s become a reality.

Notice in the video where placement of the inground spa is an important detail. First as a destination spot and also as a sight line from the inside of the home. Some
1) rectangular w/cover
2) oval shape w/water feature alongside
3) hot tub/plunge pool/water feature
4) mini-pool spas
5) round inground hot tubs

We suggest incorporating an inground hot tub as a destination in any landscape. We provide complimentary consultations via zoom if you are not in our region to help you decide on the In-ground hot tub necessities. Please do not buy a store bought hot tub without contacting us to make sure that a inground option is not what would be best for your family and Outdoor Space as a whole.

We would love to help design your Outdoor Living Space including your Custom Inground Hot Tub. Who doesn’t want a nice soak under the stars?

Thank you so much watching.

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