DIY Backyard Design Series (1 of 8 how to plan)

DIY Backyard Design Series (1 of 8 how to plan)

Hi Guys! We’re going to start a DIY Backyard Design Series on how to can create the perfect backyard. In fact, we’ll be answering questions about the perfect backyard space and what it takes to create it – with a different video for each stage along the way. We’re going to go through an entire series of questions from the very start, beginning with the planning stage, then on to the design stage and then what we would recommend on implementing for each phase after that. Hopefully by the end of this you will be educated on how to plan your personal backyard space and empower you while creating it – from start to finish!

You might be watching this video while looking out at your backyard, thinking what should I do? What can I do? How can I take a blank slate backyard with grass and flower beds and turn it into a beautiful outdoor living space? One that will draw us outside. That is the whole point of this video – creating your personal outdoor living space.

To me it all starts from inside your house – where you are right now. You may be in your living room or even be in your kitchen, now, take a look outside and what do you see? You may see a standard lawn with flower beds or even years of stuff collecting in different areas. Totally unused space – a grill standing somewhere and/or miscellaneous odds and ends used outside. Instead, we want you to see an oasis you create to pull you outside to enjoy it. What personally do you feel would pull you outside from that inside view? Destinations? Maybe you ‘d like a firepit, water feature or a covered structure, a hardscape patio . . . see what we’re talking about? This is the beginning of your plan. Start from inside the house and create destinations in our sight lines that are visually appealing – to take you out to them.

After step number one – let’s go outside. Once you’re outside – turn around – any privacy issues? Do you have neighbors are looking right down into your space? We can make it a priority as we begin the planning stage.

Next, take into consideration your climate. Do you plan to be outside during the summer and the winter? Some climates need all-season solving. We want to explore additional information. Watch the ideas in the video on some possibilities to help you plan your space.

There is so much that goes into planning an outdoor living space, kind of like building a home. You plan out what you are going to do in the space, what is important to you and your family and then find out info on key elements you’re interested in. Didn’t realize how much goes into planning an outdoor living space? The plan is especially important.

In the next video in the series – DIY Backyard Design Series – we’re going to talk about how to design your perfect backyard space.

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