DIY Backyard Design Series (2 of 8 Design Help)

DIY Backyard Design Series (2 of 8 Design Help)

Here we go – Second of Eight in our DIY Backyard Design Series. How to create the perfect backyard this summer and this part is all about design help. I can’t understate the importance of good design. Designing your backyard space might not be the easiest thing to do yourself but we’re going to cover some of the design principles to help educate you as we walk you through some 3D designs to help you visualize design examples in 3D. We design all our projects in 3D – and there are some 3D design programs out there for free that will help you.

There are principles behind the design that will help. First – from inside your home – the importance of your windows and doors allows you to see out and develop sightlines when you’re inside the home looking into your backyard space. Always start from inside the house – what will capture your attention – to pull you outside – the bones of the space behind the sightlines.

So, what are the bones? They are the go-to spots like a covered structure, a fireplace, firepit, or outdoor kitchen. Start by sketching up your windows and then you can imagine what you see from those. Start thinking through your exterior space and the purpose/reasons behind going outside. Capture the sightlines and then how to lay out the destinations in the right way to visualize your space. Then by creating it 3D you will be able to look at the overall design to see if it is right for your family’s favorite activities. A good design is visualized before you ever start working on it. In this world of modern technology look for a program to help you with the 3D portion. Design is complex and we design every day so it might be worth an investment in a good design and then attacking the build yourself.

There are many additional landscape principles that we can talk about it go over. Let’s focus on my top three. #1 is the importance of sightlines, #2 style, and #3 balance.

#1 Sightlines carry your eye through your outdoor living space and create flow and connectivity in the space. Also consider vertical sight as in the structures. They could be a covered structure, an Arbor, a pergola, even string light posts with string lights. These can act as vertical sight lines and carry our eyes skyward helping to expand small spaces. When designing your space – don’t deviate too much from the architectural lines of your home. You may want to consider using some of the architectural lines into your design.

#2 Style There are many styles for outdoor living spaces. In fact they can go hand in hand with interior design styles. Mid Century modern, modern farmhouse, southwestern, northwestern, traditional modern, and traditional. And many more . . .

#3 Balance is basically a sense of equality. There are two types of balance in outdoor living design, you have symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. Symmetrical balanced landscapes which are identical; basically, two sides of your outdoor living space which are the exact same. Then you have asymmetrical balance – a landscape composition that is balanced using different elements and different objects which have almost a similar imaginary weight on either side.

Hopefully, this video on the importance of getting a good design for your perfect outdoor space has been helpful. Join us for part three where we discuss the multiple destinations – go-to spots in landscape design.

Thanks for watching today’s video on OUTDOOR FURNITURE IDEAS (Before & After). We hope you saw how décor gives life to your space. For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio

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