Do Not Do a Deck (Should I?)

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Are you going back and forth wondering if you should do a Deck? My honest answer – probably not unless you have a particular situation that we’ll go over today. With lumber prices at an all-time high and the limited usability of a deck, it’s hard because you create a fishbowl effect (movability & privacy). We’ll show the alternative to a deck with a much lower price and a lot more outdoor living enjoyment.

Decks were built in backyards of the past right outside the door with grass lawns and flower beds. In 2021, the outdoor world has changed in a lot of ways. There is no need to put a deck on a single-story house. The video shows how a deck limits you to stay in one place. Instead, you want to expand that space and create destinations like your interior of the house. You want to create rooms in your outdoor space with a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, a fire pit destination or even a covered structure with heaters. Imagine fitting all those components on a deck? Not possible. In fact, a deck can give you claustrophobic vibes with its confined boundaries.

What you want to do is EXPAND OUT into your outdoor space and that’s the beauty of doing a hard surface unless you’re on an upper deck. I want to challenge you to think of adding a hard surface on a single level home because it will last the test of time. And best yet, it will invite you out to a new destination. I do not mean to disrespect anyone who has a deck off a single level home. I sincerely want to show hardscape alternatives with multiple destination hangouts to go out to.


I also want to let you know that in the right situation a deck is the perfect solution for your outdoor living space. An example home on the river shows how we extended a backdoor with steps to add an outdoor kitchen and fireplace deck before adding stairs down to a destination fire pit. The homeowner wanted a koi pond, so we created the water feature and added a cantilever deck over the pond. A secondary destination – a floating dining and view deck – that is also an architectural feature that will soften the space.

Another deck was the ideal solution in an extremely sloped landscape. By adding a deck halfway down the slope, we provide a place to head to. Without a destination, what would draw friends or even family down the hill? This seemingly hung-deck-on-the-hillside cantilevers out over the slope with custom built-in benches, fire pit, and a swing – all incorporated into the hillside.

In a second property, we suspended a deck over a hillside waterfall – paired with a spa and plunge-pool – with a view for miles. A model spot for it with a little catwalk deck & stairway down to a detached freestanding covered structure.

I really want you to see the value of a deck, but again, don’t use a deck as a main space right out of your home. Use a deck for a grade or an elevation change – a creative solution. It will save you a lot of money in the long run and you will love the mobility a hardscape will provide for decades.

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