DOWN THE CARROT HOLE – The Weedy Garden Movie (Kickstarter Project)

Do you have a desire to grow your own food? I sure do!!

Pre order YOUR ticket below via the link to Kickstarter project and cook up some popcorn – we´re going to the MOVIES 🙂

Down The Carrot Hole is a beautifully crafted feature length movie, that tells the uplifting story of YouTube phenomena Weedy from The Weedy Garden – AKA David Trood – that´s me 😉

My background is not from the garden. In fact, I am an award winning master photographer, and I love to push the boundaries of story telling with my passionate narrative of nature.

This is my portfolio before March 2020

In March 2020, I was stuck at home like most people on the planet at the time. That pretty much ended my career of travel photography, so I began establishing the food forest I had always dreamed about.

My journey is being followed and celebrated by many people on YouTube. As a result, thousands of people around the world have already changed their priorities to lead a more sustainable and fulfilling life.

My motivation to make this film is to inspire YOU to get back in the garden, enrich YOUR enthusiasm to grow your own food and become reconnected with the Earth.

Let´s get this camera so I can finish the film!

Love and photon particles


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