Dripping Jungle Paludarium for Community of Tiny Frogs (African Dwarf Frog Setup)

I’ve been getting requests to do a build for African Dwarf Frogs for years now. These adorable little frogs are pretty common and easy to care for. You just have to ensure they’re well fed and in a clean, well-decorated enclosure. If given the proper environment, they’ll thrive and surely bring a smile to your face. I haven’t kept them in many years, but I really enjoyed them when I did.

Like any frog, they’ll eat anything they can fit in their mouth. So keep that in mind if you decide to cohabitate with anything else. They’re timid and not great at finding food, making them easily out competed. Taking the time to hand feed can eliminate this issue entirely and they’ll learn when it’s time to do so. Just make some noise and be patient. Once one comes the rest will follow. This will also greatly mitigate the risk of impaction. That said, if you use a fine substrate it shouldn’t be an issue because they’re pretty good about spitting out non-food items. Definitely worth noting regardless. Go easy on the bloodworms as well. They’re not a great staple food and should be provided sparingly.

Also, as I said in the video I don’t think they’re for everyone. They take a little bit of extra care, but if you’re willing to provide it, they’re a very rewarding frog to keep. They’re just so tiny, clumsy, and goofy! Plus they do incredible in groups and interact with each other. That said, if you hear a little “buzzing” or “chirping” sound near the tank, it’s probably a male frog calling for a female. If he’s feeling good, you’ll hear him all the time!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the video! Let me know what you think about these little frogs and if you do or have kept them before.

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00:00 Intro
00:16 Enclosure Overview
00:40 Creating the Hardscape
04:57 Making the Drip Filter
06:34 Adding the Riparian Plants
07:26 Substrate and Aquatic Plants
08:39 Fine Tuning the Design
09:41 Adding the African Dwarf Frogs
10:37 The Clean Up Crew
10:47 Completed Paludarium

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