Expert section – MYTHBUSTING – Nitrogen fixers and Deep Tap Rooted Nutrient Accumulators

If anyone finds this video is a little too heavy, I suggest checking out a few videos as a primer to watching this one:

The soil microbiology video here:

and the permaculture guide to guilds (where I parrot some of this stuff!!):

Some of these topics will be discussed at an medium-expert level. And what I mean by that is, in order to get deeper into these topics, it’s assumed that the viewer already has a firm grasp of some of these deeper concepts such as how nitrogen fixing works, what a deep tap rooted nutrient accumulator is, etc. In fact, did you know that since coining the term “deep tap rooted nutrient accumulator”, Robert Kourik, who originally coined the term in his book “Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape”, actually himself spent the rest of his career backing off on that phrase.

Now, there’s a difference between a plant bio-accumulating nutrients and those nutrients coming from DEEP down via the taproot. There’s plenty of research on various plant’s bioaccumulation, such as this one from Zimbabwe: But these articles only talk about the nutrient composition of the plants, and don’t address some assumptions made in permaculture about WHERE those nutrients actually came from.

But first we discuss nitrogen fixation, and the very high likelihood that it’s a myth that we can chop and drop a nitrogen fixer and release nodules under the ground. But also why that may not matter. And if it does matter, how to do it PROPERLY. And speaking of “proper”, lets ignore starting sentences with prepositions and conjunctions).

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