First-Ever Cultural Art Space in a 1950’s residential area |Inspiring Transformation| Story of Ur-Mu

Todays episode we will be revealing an enticing episode of a 4-storey residential townhouse, a stunning piece of transformation situated in a culture-rich location.

A modern architecture that sits at a cultural rich location that distinct itself with the surroundings. Reflecting not only the evolution of design & culture but the appreciation towards the old & the new that compliments each other when a thoughtful design took place.

Ur-mu isn’t just an art museum, it is a space reserved for culture. It is a movement, a movement that realms the local dignity and pride of local artist and the meaningful stories behind them.

We are in support of bringing a greater awareness to improve the local design scene. If you are in support of this movement, share your love by clicking on the Super Thanks button below, and contribute by encouraging us to create more impactful and appealing contents!



The Design Firm:
DrTanLM Architect


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