Garden Weeds and What They’re Telling You

Permaculturists don’t like using the term, “weeds”. To us, your average garden dandelion, plantain, and lambs quarters are not “weeds” so much as they are “volunteer species” that provide direct insight into the condition of your soil.
Different weeds will grow depending on different soil conditions, and will be relative to the climax ecosystem that your growing space naturally wants to become.
It’s not a common concept, but trust us – you’ll actually come to appreciate your weedy volunteers, as they tell you exactly what your soil needs! In addition, many of these species are actually edible and incredibly nutritious as well! Seems like a win-win all around.
Simply pull out your weeds, and instead of chucking them in the bin, drop them back on the earth where they’ll function like a mulch and decompose to feed the life in your soil!


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