Grain Free Hog and Poultry Feeding Systems

You can feed your pigs and chickens for FREE by using aquaculture to grow cattails and raise minnows in a minnowpond on your property! Cattails produce highly nutritious corms and huge biomass, and minnows are an excellent source of protein. Both can be produced with little effort and no cost.

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1:01 Single tillage pass seeding
1:57 Pig gate – selective access design
3:15 Cattail system
4:30 Dam with monk pipe/swivel pipe to control water level
5:43 Pigs feed on tubers under ground
6:10 Highly nutritious corms also produce huge biomass
7:11 Be careful not to overgraze!
8:09 Seeding cattails
8:46 Minnows
9:30 Harvesting minnows
9:50 Plan to integrate minnows with cattail and duckweed production
10:29 Why aquaculture at the minnow pond
11:52 Minnows are perfectly suited
12:40 Minnows grow themselves without energy input, and provide protein for pigs and chickens
13:45 Pool and Island design for minnow production

Takotas website

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Pig image in thumbnail by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto
From Pixabay

Chicken Image in thumbnail by Pexels From Pixabay

Some basic information about corms:

What are bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes?

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