Grass to Food Forest – Part 2: Lets jump into dumpsters, shall we? Dumpster diving for trees

Today we continue the grass to food forest conversion process. Yesterday we planted trees right in grass. Today we begin the long term soil transition from bacterial dominated soil which grasses like, towards a fungal dominated soil which trees and bushes like.

Part of this is dumpster diving during covid. So we brought lots of hand sanitizer and hit the bins.

Funny story, so I’m standing in a bin at a pet store and one of the employees walks out for his break. He notices a strange and slightly disheveled man in track pants standing in his dumpster and (very politely) asks … “why?”.

I mentioned what I’m doing and, well, I think I may have a new subscriber. So hello Tim if you are reading this. Welcome to the channel.

Then later at a Chinese restaurant, again, standing in their bin, I meet a lady named Susan. Very scared at first, as her bin is behind a small gate with a latch. So there I am standing in her bin (these bins are VERY clean by the way, just filled with boxes), and she gives a bit of a gasp when she swings the gate open and sees me. The strange thing is, she recognized the truck and trailer and asked me if I’m the guy who goes around planting trees in the town.

So apparently word is spreading. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, because technically planting trees on public land isn’t exactly “legal”. Either way, was a neat interaction.

I’m certainly meeting my fellow townsfolk in interesting settings, that’s for sure.

I can’t believe I got here. If you asked me if I would be in people’s dumpsters when I’m 42 I would have started to wonder how it all went wrong and how it came to this. What am I doing with my life?

Hopefully something meaningful.

Thanks for watching.


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