He Built a 2+ Acre Wheelchair-Accessible Garden PARADISE

How do you garden when you have mobility or accessbility challenges? This video shows you how Stephen Cantu, who is a wheelchair user, has built a 2 acre paradise of edibles, fruit trees, succulents, berries, and more – on a slope! He’s a Master Gardener who developed a program called FIG – Friendly Inclusive Gardening, designed to help those with mental or physical challenges to be able to access the joy of gardening.

0:00 – Intro
00:42 – Raised Beds
03:24 – Container Section
05:52 – Front Orchard
12:18 – Secret Garden
13:43 – Fruit Tree Problems
17:13 – Espalier Figs
23:05 – Shady Awning
24:00 – Succulent Wonderland
30:12 – Raspberries and Steve’s Story


→ Friendly Inclusive Gardening: https://www.mastergardenersd.org/making-gardens-accessible-and-inclusive/
→ Birdies Beds: https://https://bit.ly/3JOSOT2/collections/birdies-original
→ Grow Bags: https://https://bit.ly/3JOSOT2/collections/container-gardening


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