Highlight Reel (1/3) | HOPE, Knowledge, and a Plan | Online Permaculture Summit Oct 15, 16, 17

If you’re like us, you’re all about making a practical, positive difference, right here, right now. You’re shaking your head as you watch reports of world leaders gathering for the 26th time to try to piece together a plan to fight climate change, and you’re thinking:

“The world needs action now, not watered-down resolutions – so what can we, the people, do? How can I gain the knowledge and skills to restore the land and protect my property, my community against the impacts of climate change?”

If this sounds familiar – we hope you benefit from these eye-opening clips from Day 1 of our recent online summit, Hope, Knowledge, and a Plan, in which 16 Permaculture experts shared stories of the difference that they’re making around the world…and revealed how you can make a difference of your own!

Day 1 was all about HOPE.

Hope is about moving beyond a simple awareness of the damage we cause to the environment as a species, and toward a realization that it is within OUR ability to make a truly regenerative difference.

In this ‘first-world’ culture, society half-heartedly urges us to be more ‘sustainable’. But because we live in a consumer-driven economy, profit takes priority over ecosystem health (even though ALL the products, goods, and foods we consume come from the earth).

Permaculture gives you a way to do more than just ‘sustain’ – you learn how to ‘regenerate’: how to orient your actions to make things better than they were before. You learn to act in consideration of the lives that will continue long after yours.

And we at Verge can teach you the principles, science-based explanations, and practical tools and examples to understand how all this works; and then how put it in action in your life.

HOPE is about understanding that you are not alone; there are others out there who have felt the same way you do, and whose world-changing work began with the same opportunity that is open to you now. Regardless of your current situation, there are steps you can take to lead a more purposeful and meaningful life and career, and you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re starting to feel more hopeful as you imagine using Permaculture to create positive ecological and social change in your community, city, nation and world – then click the link below to take your first step and learn more!

Learn how to make a difference: https://vergepermaculture.ca/online_pdc/


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