How Are The Animals Doing Now?

I’ve been wanting to do a proper update on the animals for awhile, especially since I didn’t do an animal room tour last year. Although I didn’t account for everything in this video, I feel like I got the vast majority maintained and moved into the new space. Other than a few mishaps and the leaking tank, everything is going really well for them, which I love to see. I hope you do as well and enjoy the video.

00:00 What I’m Doing
00:34 Lowtech Aquascape
02:22 African Dwarf Frogs
03:00 Dismantling an Aquarium
03:00 Samurai Betta Riparium
04:34 Crystal Gems Aquascape
05:08 Ancient Ruins Paludarium
06:12 Play Button Paludarium
06:25 Metaframe Aquarium
06:45 River Aquarium
08:09 New Caledonia Geckos Vivariums
08:45 Kingsnake Vivarium
10:10 Leaking Enclosure Ruined
12:24 Final Thoughts

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