How To Build A Raspberry Trellis | Keep Your Berries Producing For YEARS!

Growing your own fresh blackberries and raspberries is incredible…unless they get overgrown, thorny, and unmanageable. Use this DIY berry trellis design to help contain these cane crops and make sure you get HUGE harvests of these nutritious and delicious fruits.

00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Overview
00:34 – Build Design
01:01 – Cutting Posts
02:01 – Setting Posts
03:09 – Crossbeams
04:13 – Fastener Explanation
05:14 – Installing Fasteners
06:16 – Wiring Up
07:34 – Complete Build


2 ea 4×4′- 8′ Common Redwood
1 ea 2×4′- 8′ Common Redwwod
4 ea 5/16″ x 3″ Eye Bolt w/ Nut
4 ea 5/16″ Washers
4 ea 5/16″ Lock Washers
8 Screws or Bolts To Secure
2 ea 50lb Quickcrete
4 ea One Way Anchor Vise 12 Gauge
100′ 12 Gauge Galvanized Wire


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