How to Make Paper Flowers /// Kids Projects for Mom (1 of 3)

Anyone can buy flowers…but what about making them? In this first project of the ‘Make Mom’s Day’ series, Daniel shows how you and your kids can create 3D paper flowers as a special personalized gift for Mother’s Day.

00:37 – Planning & gathering supplies
01:11 – Design #1 – Layered flowers (i.e. Roses and Camillias)
01:55 – Making the stems
02:32 – Making the personalized ball jar vase
03:03 – Design #2 – Long-petal flowers (i.e. Lilies)
03:51 – Design #3 – Small textured flowers (i.e. Petunias and Poppies)

Hot glue gun –
Chalky white spray paint –
Scissors –

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