How to use unripe peaches… (pickled peaches, poached peaches, Maesil Cheong)

Important! In one part of this video it looks like I eat a peach pit. I am just sucking on it and then spit it out (which I edited out, as it’s not visually appealing). If you pickle peaches, you should not eat the pit. The seeds of stonefruit trees contain small amounts of cyanide. While it’s not in a concentration that will hurt you, if you eat enough of them it will. Definitely never eat the seeds of stonefruit (peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines, apricots, etc). So all these peach pickles, you should be eating around them and discarding the pit. Again, if you eat 1-2 it’s fine, don’t freak out, but just don’t sit down and eat 10 peach pickles, pit and all, every day.


Our peach tree cracked. We have hundreds of unripe peaches… what to do with them? Lets try 3 things, one of which I’m almost certain you haven’t heard of before.

0:30 Peach tree cracked off a massive overloaded branch

1:20 Pickled Peaches
2:20 Poached Peaches
5:15 Maesil Cheong (100 day fermented unripe plum syrup, with peaches substituted in)


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