HUGE 350 Gallon Dripwall Paludarium is DONE (Build Part 3)

I’ve finally completed the 350 Gallon Paludarium! Will I add more plants? You bet! Will I make adjustments? Of course! Even so, this is done to the point where it can be used to house some animals and where I can now move onto some bigger projects.

I’m extremely excited to be at this point considering how long the tank took to setup. It’s been in the works since October of 2019, but I didn’t get the tank until January of 2020. It sat in my garage until July and I’ve been working on it ever since. If you want to see that journey in its entirety, then check out the playlist below.

Next up in the installment is to get the tank stocked. I can’t wait to do that and to show you all what I’ve chosen to live in this tank. I really think you’re going to love it!

The 350 Gallon Paludarium Tank, Majestic Stand, Seamless Sump, and respective plumbing components were provided courtesy of Custom Aquariums. Showing these products DOES NOT include a paid promotion.

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