I Installed an Aquarium in My Bathroom Wall… I’m Excited!

I’ve been working on the new animal room since September, which has been a very long and drawn out process to say the least. When I began, I expected to finish everything within a few weeks. Needless to say, I quickly realized it wasn’t going to happen that quickly. Just over two months in and things are finally starting to shape up.

What I’ve shown is really just an abbreviated version of what’s been done thus far. There was a lot of planning and time that went into this. As you’ve seen, I a lot of the work myself, but I’ve had a few professionals in for other details. Aligning with their schedules added to the complexity of it all as well, but here we are.

Anyway, I was hanging drywall pretty much all week. I was also working on a really cool project, which you’ll see next week. I intended to share that this week, but I kept finding myself walking through the animal room, imagining how the space will continue to transform. So even though I wanted to do the project, I kept thinking to myself, “follow the passion,” and this is where it led me.

As always, I hope you all enjoyed seeing the progress of things and are as excited as I am about all of this! I have SO MUCH planned for this space that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned for that and enjoy the video!

If you missed any of the saga in creating the new animal room, then check out the playlist below! I’ve compiled the entire journey into a single playlist.

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