Introducing our brand new family spin off channel called Game Knight!! Plus what’s coming up on CPL

Our first spinoff channel is here. Game Knight!

For those of you who wanted more family content, and also share a love of spending good quality time with your kids, you may really enjoy this brand new channel. Jackson is super excited about it!

It’s called Game Knight. (Jackson came up with the name). If anyone enjoys spending family time playing board games and you are stuck playing monopoly or Uno, I’ve got great news for you! The board game Genre has exploded with innovation and creativity over the last 15 years or so. There are SO many amazingly fun games out there.

We have a board game collection of 50-60 odd games, from deep games like Scythe, Root, and Terra Mystica, to beginner/Gateway games like Catan, Splendor, and Above and Below. Or maybe you want some games that are really fun to play with young kids like Sushi Go, Point Salad, or Machi Koro. Or perhaps party games of bluffing, lying and devious tomfoolery like Coup.

Stay tuned for many game previews, playthroughs and reviews, including footage of the entire family.

For now, here’s our first video… it’s a HEAVY game. If this game seems pretty intense, don’t worry, they aren’t all this heavy. But a few weeks ago we went to Breakout convention in Toronto and we played a super fun co-operative game called Weirdwood Manor. Here’s the complete playthrough on our new channel: Game Knight!

(and for those of you who just want gardening videos, don’t worry, my main focus is still gardening videos. We have a full hour long tour taken by a local permaculture farm that is coming up, plus more from “Tim” in his CPL Designed urban food forest, and more!

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