Jono Frew: Transforming Farms and Changing Lives With Regenerative Agriculture – HF Podcast #3

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In Episode 3 of the Happen Films podcast we speak with regenerative agriculture coach Jono Frew. Jono started his working life age 11 in farming and he’s been passionate about the industry from Day 1. But his career took an unexpected turn a few years ago and it’s impacted not just how he approaches farming, but how he approaches life.

As he moved from conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture, Jono learnt not only that true farming solutions don’t come from a bottle, he also learnt how to cry freely, how to connect with his kids, how to share himself, and how to help fellow farmers steer a new, regenerative course for their own farms and families.

Jono’s an inspiration to us, a beautiful example of how reconnecting with the soil upon which all life depends can also reconnect you with your family, your community and your very self. Have a listen and let us know your own thoughts about the future of farming.

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