Landscape designing from scratch? It’s important to start with use, first, to come up with ideas 🪴

Landscape designing from scratch? It’s important to start with use, first. How you plan to use your landscape, or spend time in it, or your goals for the yard should be front of mind when starting a DIY landscaping renovation.

It’s all too common to fall into a default mode and plan landscapes based on what we are used to seeing in other landscapes… But if you’re going to the trouble of improving your landscape, why not creatively customize the space for your needs and interests?
This is an important mindset shift when starting a project, and I hope it helps you.
This new perspective can be especially helpful when designing a landscape from scratch. A “blank canvas” landscape can be overwhelming, but starting with what you plan to do in your outdoor living space (and working backwards from there) can help you plan out the elements you need. Then it’s just a matter of arranging those elements in the best possible way: no more overwhelm! Now you know where to start.

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