LEAKED in the STORE! @bassproshops needed help.

I’m in Virginia with CAC Micah Miller of @EastonOutdoors to visit his customers and the Water Features he’s built for them.

We get a quick night time glimpse of some of the water features at Micah’s house which include a stack slate urn with a red light that gives it a fire effect. Also has a couple of spillway bowls.

Stop 1
This is a Pondless Waterfall Located in New Port News, VA. This Pondless has a spillway bowl that spills into the stream of the waterfall

Stop 2
This @bassproshops located in Hampton, VA, use to have a concrete pond that was a nightmare pond that leaked into the store.
Micah got called in to help and now the stores has an Aquascape Ecosystem Pond.

There’s a story of a special stump, Joe’s stump, that honors a man who loved this particular Bass Pro Shop.

Inside the store we see all the fish they have in their aquarium.

Stop 3
This customer had a 3ftx3ft plastic pond that housed 6 -18″ fish!
what originally started as a consultation for something small, turned into a 10ftx14ft pond with 8ft stream that these big fish call their home.

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